55-65 mm (Nashik Onion).

55mm+ Big Size Red & Pink Onion.

  100% Organic Food from Farm Hong Quat Packging

  100% Organic Food Items

  100% Fresh, Harsh or Harmful Chemicals Not Used

Content Nutritional Value
Season March to May and August to Oct
Maturity the tops (foliage) become yellow and begin to fall over. At that point, bend the tops down or even stomp on them to speed the final ripening process. Loosen the soil around the bulbs to encourage drying
Storage temperature Refrigerated cargo at a temperature between 12-20 C
Packing Size Net weight 20 Kg's
Packing Specs Mesh Bags
Treating Sachets -
Number of Boxes in 40ft Container 20 Kg's - 1450 bags per 40ft refri. Container AND for Dry containers - 1300 Bags
Qty per 40ft Container 20 Kg's - 29000 Kg's AND for Dry containers - 26000 Kg's

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